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About Us


Totot Traditional restaurant


Totot is a traditional restaurant which is established in 2001 E.C.and the word 'tottot' is derived from Gurage language which means "lets work".The external and internal appearance, including the equipment hollers tradition, and provides a refreshing setting for the customer.Our band and dancers are known to let the audience participate, creating a friendly and fun atmosphere.We are known to make our own local drinks like “Tej” and “Areqe” or gin that is eloquently made by our own professional chefs which go so well with the nourishment we serve.




Our vision is to become the best in this sector with motivated employees who work hard for your satisfaction; and to deliver more up and coming services for our customers, soon to be revealed.




Our mission is to portray the beauty of Ethiopian culture at its best to those who already know it and to those who are new to it, by offering quality services based on the customer’s expectations and beyond. And to raise the bar every time.